Protect The Boobies!

While your sipping on your pumpkin spice latte this morning and getting excited about fall really being here now that it's October, I have a little video for you to watch. 

First, how gorgeous is Paula? I can only hope I look that amazing when I'm her age. Second, as you may have figured out, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I realize that this is an important topic year round, but as a woman I wanted to dedicate some time to the blog to discuss breast cancer. I'm sure many of you have been touched by this awful disease in some way or another, just as I have. 

I love this video because it's a way to lighten the mood about the topic of checking yourself and early detection. Let's be honest, besides your yearly exam, how often do you really make your everything is okay? 

I would say a good majority of us know 8 women. I can name 8 women that I am close so and it's scary to think that at least one of us will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It's the second leading cause of death among women and the most common type of cancer found in women. 

There are several risk factors that could contribute to being diagnosed with breast cancer. Some can be avoided, like you alcohol consumption, a sedentary lifestyle, or your diet. Other factors such as age, family health history, and menstrual history can all play a part in your risk level as well. 

Contrary to popular belief and "horror stories" floating around on the internet, the items above do not cause breast cancer, so you can safety continue to use your deodorant for your peers sake. 

When should you start getting into the habit of checking yourself and going for your yearly exam? Yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health. A clinical breast exam (CBE) should be done about every 3 years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women 40 and over.

So, share the video above, and let's help educate women and make sure we detect the sign of breast cancer sooner, rather than later!

Love Long Distance

We're going to get a little personal on the blog today. This is something I rarely do, but I felt like it was appropriate because I've been getting a lot of negative comments on the topic lately.

If you know me outside of blogging, you probably know that I'm in a long distance relationship. Those of you who don't are like "Say what?! She's got a boyfriend?". Like I said, I don't really get too personal on here. It's my space and if my boyfriend and family wanted their lives plastered online then they'd have their own blogs.


When I explain to people that I'm in a long distance relationship, this look comes over their face like I've just told them someone is dying. Seriously, not once have I gotten a "That's awesome!" or a "Good for y'all!". Instead it's always a pessimistic and fairly insulting response like, "Oh...well how does that work?" or "How are you still together?". 

How would you feel if you told me you were in a relationship where you got to see that person every day and I responded with, "Oh, don't you get tired of that?". Pretty rude right? I'm not sure what about a long distance relationship makes people think it's okay for them to give me unsolicited relationship advice or tell me that my life is doomed but it happens more than you would think. 

Part of me understands. I was once that person who doubted a long distance relationship could ever work, but that was long before I ever found myself in this current state. But, when you are put into a situation where you have the option of breaking up with the person you love because you won't be living near them or staying with the person you love and working though it because you know they're worth it, wouldn't you at least give long distance a shot?


When I found out I had the opportunity to move, I probably could have dumped the news on my boyfriend a little better. Being the stubborn, very independent and strong minded person that I am, I made the decision on my own and without his advice. He really is a trooper for putting up with me. I felt that it was my decision to make and that if I was going to make a big career move for myself now was the best time to do it. 

I would be lying if I said he was happy about it, but being the guy that he is, he was supportive and understood why I felt that it would be a good move for me. So, after being back together for 6 months, I made the move to Denver and he stayed in Kansas City. We had agreed that we didn't want to break up and that we would give long distance a shot. I think at the time he knew it would be much harder than I really thought it would be. I'm always trying to stay positive and as I near my first six month in Denver I have to admit, that it's harder than I thought it would be. 

That being said, this is the most pressure I have ever put on our relationship and honestly, while it's not easy, it is going very well. I would never sit here and try to tell you that everyone should be in a long distance relationship and that they all work. No. It sucks, it's hard and you have to really put in everything you have to make it work, and sometimes they don't. But, when you know that that person is the one you want to be with, it makes it completely worth it. 

So, what makes a long distance relationship work? Over the last 6 months there's a few things that I've figured out. 

  • First, you have to be flexible. Trying to stick to a schedule to talk to each other on the phone or FaceTime is nearly impossible. Ultimately you are both living separate lives and it makes it difficult to plan when you're going to talk. We usually call each other at least once a day and maybe text a little but for the most part it's one phone call and a FaceTime here and there. There are nights when we can't talk and that's okay; getting mad about it won't help out your situation. 
  • Second, although you have to be flexible, you still need to plan. When will you see each other next? Are you going on any trips together? Where will holidays be spent? These sort of things require planning. Knowing when you will see each other next takes the pressure off of the relationship. I may or may not have a countdown app that tell me how many days I have left until each visit. 
  • Third, you can't be jealous. I'm still struggling with this one and I know he is too. All of my friends are back in Missouri and jealously rears its ugly head when I know that I can't be there to join in on the fun. It's gotten easier the more and more friends I make in Denver, but it's hard seeing photos and know that you missed out. 
  • Last, you have to have an end goal. Is someone going to move to be closer to the other person. Having some sort of end goal assures that you both want the same thing and gives you something to work towards. Otherwise you're looking at an infinite long distance relationship. 

So, while I may not get to have Friday date nights, go to the movies, have lazy Sunday's, cook dinner together, complain about each other's habits, etc., when I do get to experience those things together it makes it that much more special and I don't take any of it for granted. 

Monday we're celebrating a year together and while we are by no means perfect, (because that sort of relationship truly doesn't exist, no matter what you think) we have it pretty together for a couple that only sees each other once a month. I may not have the same sort of relationship as you, but telling me that "It will never work." or that "It'll end up in heartbreak." isn't very nice and even if that's how you feel, it should be kept to yourself. 

I have people tell me all the time that I'm such a strong person. I wouldn't say that I'm strong...I'm just realistic. I don't live in a fairy tale, I know that this requires work if I want it to work and I want it to work. So, before you turn your nose up the next time you hear that someone is in a long distance relationship, maybe don't be so quick to judge them or their relationship, because truly the only thing different from my relationship and yours is there's a few hundred miles in between. 

Fall Trends: Oxblood Lips

Since y'all were such fans of last week's fall trends post, I thought I would share another this week. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post the photo below yesterday. This Mulberry Forrest lip stain was part of last year's Mary Kay holiday line and I'm hoping it return again this year so I can stock up!

Looking at fall makeup trends, there's on in particular that I'm sort of loving. Fun, bright, berry shades of lips; or as the fashionistas are calling it, oxblood lips. 

oxblood lips

Honestly, that term sort of freaks me out. Who would want ox blood on their lips?! I certainly would not! Why can't we just call it a deep red lip, or a berry lip instead of the cult-ish sounding oxblood lip. But, regardless of the name, I still love this look. It's so sexy, bold and classic looking and I'm in full support of it. 


So, how do you get this trendy look for fall? I've picked out a few Mary Kay products below to help you get this look and feel comfortable wearing it to work, girls night out or date night.

Get The Look
  1. Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara $15 
  2. Mary Kay Eyeliner $12
  3. Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Bold Berry $12
  4. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Honey Spice, Truffle, and Sweet Plum $7 each
  5. Mary Kay CC Cream $20
  6. Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Rich Fig $15

Are you guys enjoying the fall trends posts? Is there something you want to see more of? Fashion, fitness, diy? Let me know in the comments below!